Blulight/Prescription Sunblocker

We all understand that overexposure to the sun is harmful to your skin. However, many are unaware that the sun can significantly damage your eyes. 80% of all UV exposure occurs before the age of 18, and UV damage continues as you age. Sunglasses are essential for preventing sun damage to your eyesight. Exposure to the sun's rays without proper protection can contribute to long-term eye health problems, including cataracts, macular (MACK you ler) degeneration, and premature aging around the eyes and eyelids. Ask about prescription sunglasses and the additional benefits of polarized lenses. Polarized lenses offer clearer vision, make colors more vibrant, and significantly reduce glare with SPF 50+ protection. We will be happy to assist you in your sunwear selection during your office visit.

Crizal® Prevencia™:

Light plays an important role in your everyday life, but did you know that some light can also be harmful to your vision and is a risk factor for the premature aging of your eyes? Crizal (crizz ALL) Prevencia (preh VEN shee uh) No-Glare Lenses help protect your eyes from harmful blue-violet and UV light. Crizal (crizz ALL) Prevencia (preh VEN shee uh) No-Glare Lenses also keep your vision clear and comfortable by offering the most comprehensive protection against the enemies of clear vision: glare, scratches, smudges, dust, and water. After being evaluated by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, Crizal No-Glare Lenses earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. Ask us about Crizal (crizz ALL) Prevencia (preh VEN shee uh) No-Glare Lenses today!

Eyezen™ Lenses:

Between computers, tablets, and smartphones, we’re looking at screens more than ever before. Excessive screen time may cause digital eye strain and other eye health issues. Eyezen (EYE zen)™ lenses are enhanced single vision lenses that provide sharper vision than ordinary single vision lenses and are available to everyone – with or without a prescription. Eyezen (EYE zen) lenses utilize a Smart Blue Filter™ to reduce exposure to harmful blue-violet light, keeping your eyes protected and comfortable. We understand it’s a digital world. During your office visit, ask if revolutionary Eyezen (EYE zen) lenses are the right choice for you!

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